English Introduction

 − A Sweet Japanese liquor (Sake)

Torihama Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.
59-30 Torihama, Wakasa Town, Mikatakaminaka
District, Fukui Prefecture, Japan
若狭町お場所Wakasa Town: Outline

・Located in the southern part of
  Fukui Prefecture

・Less than 80 km from Kyoto

・Population: 15,000

・Area: 180,000 km2 

Wakasa Town: Remains from Ancient Times

水月湖と年縞The Varves of Lake Suigetsu
In September of 2013, the varves, or the layers of mud sediment, at the bottom of Lake Suigetsu (one of the Five Lakes of Mikata) were recognized as the global standard timescale for dating within a period of up to about 70,000 years ago.

縄文博物館Ancient Tombs and Relics of the Jomon Period
Wakasa Town is home to many ancient relics and tombs over 10,000 years old, from the Jomon Period (ca. 14,000−300 BCE). A large number of unearthed items are exhibited at the Jomon Museum.
Wakasa Town: The First Japan Heritage Site
(The Imperial Food Province of Wakasa and the Mackerel Road)
A Land of Royal Provisions

From ancient times to around 1200 CE, seafood and other provisions from this area were offered to the imperial family and the imperial court. Salt was also produced here.

 Saba-kaid                                                                                                                         Kumagawa-Juku
Wakasa Kaido and Kumagawa-Juku

The Wakasa-Kaido Road connected the Sea of Japan area with Kyoto via the post town of Kumagawa-Juku. This road is also known as the Mackerel Road because of the fact that the mackerel caught in Wakasa Bay were widely enjoyed by the people of Kyoto, as well as serving as an indispensable ingredient for festive occasions, and large quantities of mackerel were transported along this road. Kumagawa-Juku was an important post town on this
Mackerel Road.

Wakasa Town: A Town Blessed with Water

三方五湖The Five Lakes of Mikata
The Five Lakes of Mikata have been registered under the Ramsar
Convention for the excellence of their natural environment as a waterfowl habitat.

Uriwarinotaki (literally, “gourd-splitting waterfall”) is one of Japan’s Selected 100 Exquisite and Well-Conserved Waters. The name comes from the fact that the water from this spring is so cold, even in summer, that it could split a gourd.

若狭湾Wakasa Bay
This bay, featuring an extensive saw-toothed coastline, is home to many good harbors, as well as being relatively close to Kyoto. As a result, it has been an important area for seafood fishing since ancient times.

Torihama Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.

・The only Japanese liquor (Sake) brewery in Wakasa

文化財プレート・50 local stockholders

・Founded in 1920
 (almost 100 years old)

・Production facilities are
 registered as
 tangible cultural      properties

・Brewing capacity of
 22,000 liters

Torihama Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.

・Produces only sweet Japanese liquor (Sake)
 that is beloved by locals
 and goes well with local dishes,
 while maintaining a distinct presence

蔵玄関・Does not mass-produce   Japanese liquor (Sake)

・The fifth-generation     brewery owner acts as
 the master brewer

The Master Brewer at
Torihama Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.

Yasuhiko Kohori
−fifth-generation brewery owner, age 57

・Seriously committed to brewing
 Japanese liquor (Sake)

・that is beloved by locals and

・that goes well with local dishes,

・with extreme care for every detail,

・while desiring to make new types of
 Japanese liquor (Sake) as well

 Sweet Japanese liquor (Sake)
−Torihama Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.
Pride and Joy

・Made with high-quality natural ingredients

・Helps to develop local cuisine

・Has a strong flavor that canget rid of “fishy” smells/flavors

図甘辛・Maintains its presence evenwith
 strongly flavored dishes

・Really brings out the flavor of the rice

・Has a satisfying, full-bodied flavor

・Mellow sweet Japanese liquor (Sake)


上撰・Flagship brand from the start

・The name comes from Kamo Shrine

・“Sakae” means “prosperity”

・Goes well with local dishes,
 while maintaining its own distinct presence

・Satisfying genuine sweetness

・One of Japan’ s top brands of
 sweet Japanese liquor (Sake)

・Mellow and sweet


上撰・Full-bodied sweetness with little aftertaste

・Features substantial flavor of rice;
 thick yet smooth, leaving little aftertaste

・Goes perfectly with dishes with thick
 sweet flavor, such as the lake fish dishes
 typical of this area, as well as stews
 and grilled eels.

・Also good when served warm.
 The sweetness will involve more of the
 mellowness, and the substantial flavor will
 become thicker.

・Sweet Japanese liquor (Sake) for men

・Mellow and sweet


純米吟醸・Produced by following the same concept
 as Kamosakae

・The fifth-generation owner created a
 distinctive taste

・The characteristic sweetness evolved
 even further

・Sweet Japanese liquor (Sake)
 with fruity, light flavor

・Sweet Japanese liquor (Sake)
 with smooth, crisp flavor

・Sweet Japanese liquor (Sake) for women

・Crisp and sweet


純米吟醸・Good Japanese liquor (Sake)
 with fruity, light flavor

・Features a refreshing fruity aroma,
 mild sweetness, and a high level of acidity

・Goes well with all kinds of dishes.
 In particular, white-fish sashimi and
 other soy-sauce-flavored dishes are

・Also goes perfect with unripened cheeses
 or meat dishes seasoned with pepper

・Sweet Japanese liquor (Sake) for women

・Crisp and sweet

In Closing

We hope you try and enjoy

Torihama Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.

sweet Japanese liquor (Sake),


when eating not only Japanese food,

but also spicy any flavorful food!



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